House of Color | House Rules
Cutting edge hair salon and art gallery in Colorado Springs.
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We’re pretty relaxed here. The world “rule” is a four letter word in our dictionary. We’re better at breaking them than making them. But for our sanity and yours, we try to maintain some guidelines.


• TIMELINESS – We know how life goes. So, if you’re running 10 minutes or more behind give us a heads up. We’ll thank you for it.

• PROFESSIONAL DISCRETION – We go above and beyond to deliver on the vision (and sometimes challenge) you have in mind for your hair. However, we maintain the discretionary right to decline to perform a service we do not think will lead lead to your satisfaction.

• CANCELLATIONS – If you can’t make an appointment, let us know and try to give us 24 hours advance notice.

• UNSATISFIED – If you’re not happy with a service, let us know within 24 hour so we can make it right. We guarantee our work and will go that extra mile to make you happy.

• CHILDREN – Please, keep in mind that most hair color appointments can take two or more hours. If you have small children, we highly encourage you to find alternative care for them during your appointment. In the near future, we will have a dedicated children’s corner, but in the meantime, any children left unattended will be given espresso and a can of spray paint. And children who are possessed will be exorcised in the back.


“We want to be the best.kimberly_hoc_ad-229
But we won’t know how to be better unless you tell us.
So, if you have recommendations, please share them with us.”


Katelyn Williams, owner