Dreaming in color? Got a vision for your hair? We can make it a reality.

Dreaming in color?
Got a vision for your hair?
We can make it a reality.

When booking online, please take into consideration that this is an a la carte menu. Each service you would like to receive must be booked in advance in order to respect other clients’ schedules. It is also important to know your budget when booking. Please review the policies on our House Rules page for more details on rescheduling, cancelling, deposits, and “no shows.”
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Color Correcting Services

Color correction includes any color service involving the removal of unwanted color that is darker than your current desired color or tone. This service will usually involve a color remover, all-over lightening service, and repigmenting. This is an extensive coloring service that requires a deposit, consultation, and larger budget (ranging from $210 to $700). 

This service is only available with select stylists; please book a consultation with one of those stylists to reserve this service. Deposit payments must be made with a credit card, which we will then keep on file for the final payment (if applicable). You will also be required to sign a Color Correction Waiver form summarizing an agreed-upon plan that you and your stylist will create. Please review all of our policies on the House Rules page.

Your stylist will review all of these things with you at your consultation. Lastly, it is very important to understand that this service involves working on an “imperfect canvas,” therefore perfect results cannot be guaranteed. However, we always do our best to get you as close to your vision as possible, with the health of your hair as our main priority.

Color Correction Consultation $20

Non-refundable Color Correction Deposit $210